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CAREER Opportunities




Clinical Supervisor
[LMFT highly encouraged to apply]

School-Based Therapist

Clinical Therapist

Mental Health Practitioner

Residential Counselor

Maintain computer networks; Evaluate security of network relative to vulnerabilities; Resolve computer network and software issues; Provide support, installation, integration, and compatibility testing on software applications. Stay current on industry trends including possessing skill and knowledge of use of Procentive Medical Record and Mental Health Billing software (procentive) and incorporate best practices into software development processes. Provide technical support and training to diverse staff and clients with English as a second language to promote an inclusive workplace. Connect with and train clients who are also experiencing mental illness how to use the MSSI electronic medical record system.


Required Qualifications:

  • MS or BS in Computer Sciences and 3 years of experience.


Job Type: Full-time

Proficient in QuickBooks accounting software to prepare and submit invoices, monitoring company’s finances and creating financial/accounting reports, managing the cash flow, and maintaining the balance sheet. Reconcile bank statements and bookkeeping ledgers, and file and remit taxes. Review accounts for discrepancies and reconcile differences. Collect and analyze company revenue using Procentive Medical Record Billing software. Analyze company operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations to project future revenues and expenses. Prepare, analyze, or verify annual reports, financial statements, and other records, using accepted accounting and statistical procedures to assess financial condition and facilitate financial planning. Handle staff and client complaints and resolve financial-related grievances. 

Required Qualifications:

  • MS or BS in Accounting and 2 years of experience.


Job Type: Full-time

The ideal candidate for this position will possess a wealth of experience working with the African and African American communities, particularly in mental health and other health-related domains. As a Health Advocate, this individual will serve as a liaison between community members and healthcare providers, advocating for individuals’ health needs and facilitating effective communication. Responsibilities will encompass data collection to compile vital statistics, conducting community assessments to identify prevalent health issues, and providing essential support and training where needed. Proficiency in Procentive electronic medical record systems is essential for documenting and tracking services as statutorily required. Additionally, the role will involve processing claims for clients on Medical Assistance using MN_ITS software system. The position requires proficiency in QuickBooks for invoicing purposes. Ability to connect with clients and staff from diverse backgrounds, whose primary language is not English and who may be experiencing mental health challenges. The position will play a pivotal role in advising clients on self-care issues such as diabetes management, blood pressure, glaucoma, and health assessments, etc. 

Required Qualifications:

  • MS or BS and 2 years of experience.


Job Type: Full-time

The Mental Health Program Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of our ARMHS and/or CTSS Programs. As needed, this individual may also provide therapy services for clients (in-home or at the office).


  • Provide staff supervision and coordination for the ARMHS Program

  • Conduct intakes and diagnostic assessments, as needed, with new clients.

  • Supervise Mental Health Practitioners, including monthly supervision meetings.

  • Assist with staff training orientation.

  • Monitor client files and ensure that clinical documentation is up to date, accurate, and thorough.

  • Handle any client issues that may arise, and maintain regular communication with clients, as well as clients’ teams.

  • Ensure compliance with all documentation, including DAs, ITPs and other assessments.

  • Collaborate with other staff coordinators and supervisors to provide the best services for our clients.



  • Licensed mental health professional, in Marriage and Family Therapy, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Social Work or related field.

  • At least one year of experience in a supervisory or program coordination position.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills.

  • Experience conducting diagnostic assessments and other assessments.

  • Should have experience and knowledge of the ARMHS program.

  • Ability to work in a diverse, inner city environment.

Job Type: Contract

The School-based Therapist will be responsible for providing services related to the delivery of mental health care to assigned clients at the designated school location and will provide consultation services to the school staff to support the overall mental health goals of the school.


Required Qualification:

  • Must possess a strong knowledge of the common diagnoses and treatments for school aged children and possess the skills necessary to facilitate positive change in a school environment.

  • A Master’s degree or higher from an accredited University or College in the field of Psychology, Social Work, Counseling Education or Human Services field.

  • Licensed (LPC, LSW, LICSW, etc.), preferred

  • Travel is required to the school

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality

  • Ability to deal effectively with clients, staff, and outside agencies.

  • Strong Organization and communication skills.

  • Experience conducting intake and Diagnostic Assessment.

  • Ability to work with SPMI, Trauma and People from different background and cultures.

  • Knowledge of electronic record keeping.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

This position will be Salaried based on the ability to maintain 60 billable per pay period. This position comes with 20 administrative hours per pay period, based on the ability to maintain the billable hours. There is a cap on administrative hours, with understanding that in certain times of the school year it will exceed the cap. (Beginning and End)

  • Provide intake assessments and diagnostic assessments resulting in recommendations for mental health needs.

  • Serve as the primary Therapist to develop a treatment plan that focuses on mental health needs, engage in treatment individual treatment plan.

  • Develop client’s initial Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) and ensure ongoing review of ITP

  • Work with the client, family, and other involved individuals, i.e. school personnel, probation officer, mentor, to meets the needs of the client(s)

  • Provide individual, group and family therapy to each client/family on his/her caseload, face to face each week both in-home and school.

  • Coordinate the transfer/discharge process for the client and family, informing the Program Administrator and the Admissions Department of projected transfer/discharge planning.

  • Coordinate with the school staff to assure adequate educational placement and progress for each client through regular contact with school personnel. (Monthly or Quarterly)


Job Type: Contract

Metro Social Services Inc. (MSSI) is looking for a Full OR Part Time Clinical Therapist to provide intensive home-based therapy to children and their families in the African American Community. This position will maintain an active caseload of 10-12 individuals and/or families. The Therapist will provide a comprehensive mental health assessment, individual and family therapy as well as advocate, coordinate and provide linkage to services that meet the clients' needs.



  • Conduct client’s intakes and diagnostic assessments.

  • Provide in-home intensive therapeutic interventions and services to children, youth, and their families in the community.

  • Ensure that clinical documentation (Diagnostic Assessment, ITP, Progress note, SDQ, CASII, Functional Assessment/LOCUS, and client/family satisfactory surveys) are done in a timely manner.

  • Complete client progress notes on every client contact using MSSI’s electronic medical record system.

  • Maintain regular contact with families, probation officers, case managers, child protection workers, and other county staff.

  • Perform other duties as assigned


Required Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree or higher in social work, psychology, or counseling from an accredited college or university and a related active clinical license in the state of Minnesota

  • Hold an active clinical license (LICSW, LPCC, LP, LMFT) in the state of Minnesota.

  • Pre-license (actively on clinical track)

  • Have a minimum of one (1) year experience providing therapeutic services to clients from diverse communities.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Experience working with people from the African American communities

  • Experience working in an in-home setting or in community settings

  • Knowledge of electronic record keeping (i.e. Procentive) a plus.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Job Type: Full-time

"MHP's" work primarily with African American adults with serious and persistent mental health diagnosis and provide rehabilitative mental health services at home or in the community. Examples of services provided include the development of coping skills for managing symptoms, interpersonal communication skills, crisis management, independent living skills, and accessing community resources.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Accept new referrals and establish communication with referral sources.

  • Complete Diagnostic Assessment updates and all Functional Assessments under the supervision of a Mental Health Professional

  • Develop and implement the Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) for each client

  • Meet face-to-face with clients and provide services as outlined in the client’s ITP at home or in the community.

  • Ensure that clinical documentation (Diagnostic Assessment, ITP, Progress note, SDQ, CASII, Functional Assessment/LOCUS, and client/family satisfactory surveys) are done in a timely manner

  • Document client’s services and progress in Procentive Electronic Health Record

  • Participate in monthly team meetings and individual supervision.

  • Engage with clients from empowerment, strength-based perspective and promote client self-determination.

  • Work with client, family, and other involved individuals, i.e. school personnel, probation officer, mentor, to meets the needs of the client(s)

  • Coordinate services with case managers, family/guardian, employment services, etc. to enhance the provision of culturally appropriate services as clients work towards their recovery goals.


Minimum of bachelor’s degree in one of the behavioral sciences or related fields from an accredited college or university, and at least 2,000 hours of supervised experience in the delivery of clinical services in the treatment of adults with mental illness or children with emotional disturbances.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Valid driver’s license / auto insurance / reliable vehicle.
Possess strong and effective written and verbal communication skills.
Be culturally competent and have experience working with diverse populations.

Job Type: Contract

Pay: $20.00 - $23.00 per hour

The Residential Counselor must have at least a high school diploma equivalent with experience working with adults with mental health issues living in a residential setting. Counselors must have skills in problem-solving and decision making. This individual must also have the ability to work in a team setting and exercise discretion and responsibility when working with clients. A valid MN driver’s license and reliable transportation are required.



  • Must meet foster licensing requirements, including passing DHS background study, meeting the minimum required number of training hours, attending required in-service training, and employee meetings.

  • Must have a valid MN driver’s license and have a reliable transportation

  • Assist clients with instrumental activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, and air washing necessary for personal hygiene

  • Assist with medication administration

  • Respond to client’s health needs and emergency situations. This may include medical treatments and complaints, behavioral, fire, and weather emergencies.

  • Communicate matters of importance verbally and via communication book to other staff members

  • Complete all necessary documentation, including accident/incident reports, health care, progress notes, and vulnerable individual reports as needed.

  • Respond appropriately to the client's needs and report changes in condition to the supervisor.

  • Ensure effective communication with clients and their families.

  • Work collaboratively with other staff members to ensure that residents' goals are developed and appropriately implemented.

  • Transport and accompany clients to medical, social, and recreational appointments and activities as directed by the house coordinator

  • Monitor and provide the guidance needed by clients/residents in the reduction and/or elimination of maladaptive behaviors.

  • Provide behavior redirection and intervention, including observation and monitoring

  • Assist with house coordinator and clients with creating balance diet menus, grocery shopping, and meal preparations.

  • Complete tasks as assigned


LOCATION: Cottage grove, MN


  • Thursday to Saturday 3pm-11pm

  • Overnight Saturday and Sunday 11pm - 7am [Asleep]

  • Every Saturday and Sunday 7am-3pm this can be every other Saturday and Sunday Asleep


LOCATION: St Paul Park, MN


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 3pm - 11pm

  • Every other Saturday & Sunday 7am - 3pm


Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $12.50 - $14.00 per hour

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