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About  US


METRO SOCIAL SERVICES, INC. (MSSI) is designed to provide culturally competent, community-based services. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of children and adults with mental health issues and developmental disabilities.

Our primary goal is to provide quality services to our clients in accordance to the highest possible ethical and professional standards.


With a client-centered philosophy, we respect the health, safety, dignity and rights of the people we serve. Our mission is to provide high quality, culturally competent services that empower our clients to achieve their independent living goals.



Clients and families are treated with full respect and their rights will be duly honored. MSSI believes that people with disabilities or disadvantages are participating members of our society and have the right to receive responsive and respectful services.

It is our belief that by providing health care and family support related services, we thereby support and assist the primary welfare of the families that we serve.


Our staff is made up of culturally competent professionals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Communities of color represented include: African, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American. We are as diverse as the clients we serve.

MSSI staff attends several cultural diversity workshops and wrap around trainings in a given year. We pride ourselves with the ability to hire and retain a diverse staff. It allows us to possess the expertise to work with various people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We improve our relationships with both our co-workers and clients through accepting, celebrating, and understanding diverse cultures.



MSSI is adequately equipped to serve non-English speaking clients. We have employees who speak Hmong, Swahili, Somalian, Spanish, English, and Vietnamese.

To ensure better access to services, MSSI has devised a mechanism for working and communicating with clients with limited English proficiency. Our procedures will ensure that necessary information is communicated to those with limited English proficiency in a language which they understand. Additionally, it provides for an effective exchange of information between staff and clients.



METRO SOCIAL SERVICES, INC. consists of approximately 75 employees and includes highly trained professionals from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds with many years of experience. Staff members are spread throughout our agency and community and include: registered nurses, licensed social workers, mental health professionals and practitioners, parent advocates, counselors, and personal care attendants.

Our multilingual staff receives training and supervision from qualified professionals which enables them to respond to the needs of each individual client. All of our staff shares the common goal of providing services to our clients which are culturally congruent.



Our goal is to continue expanding, so we can serve those in need of services all over the surrounding metro areas.

Our team will continue to work towards our goal and will do so in a way that maintains our integrity and standard of excellence. We truly value helping clients feel independent and comfortable in their homes.

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