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IN-HOME Services

ILS is designed to support adolescents and adults needing the support of other dedicated adults. The goal of this program is to support and guide clients, especially in the decision-making process. We work especially well with those individuals with disabilities who are in need of support, affirmation, direction and guidance.

Positive alternative options - provide alternative and positive ways for young people to spend free time.​

Help/support – for youth and adolescents facing daily obstacles in school, at home or in the community

Provide skills, knowledge and guidance – to kindle enthusiasm and share knowledge in order to ensure that individual mentees’ dreams are realized to the fullest potential

While there are many things your mentor will be able to do, there are also some things he/she will not do. For example, your mentor will not engage in such things as:

  • Making critical decisions for you

  • Enabling you to do things you both know you should not be doing

  • Taking the place of your parent, social worker/legal guardian

  • Forcing you into doing things you do not want to do


SLS is designed to provide services to a person who cannot live in his/her home without such services or who needs outside support to remain in/her home. Habilitation services are provided in the person's residence and int he community, and are directed toward increasing and maintaining the person's physical, intellectual, emotional, and social functioning. 

SES service is designed to help people find and retain paid employment in community businesses where people without disabilities are employed. 

Covered services can include:

  • Individual counseling.

  • Individual job development and placement.

  • Individualized work-related assessment. 

  • Long-term support to help the person retain his or her job.

  • Supervision and monitoring of the person's job performance.

  • Advocacy, negotiation, and liaison communications with employers.

  • Benefit(s) review and analysis.

  • Development of the person's natural work supports. 

  • Employment specific transportation coordination.

  • Etc.


Homemaking is aimed at enabling clients to remain in the community avoiding institutionalization. This includes assistance with household management, techniques for self-care and social support, home safety practices, and housekeeping needs such as shopping, cooking, and laundry.


PCA Services are provided in order to enhance each client’s ability to maintain an independent life. Services include assistance with daily tasks, client monitoring and observation, redirection and accompanying clients to activities outside the home.


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